Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Importance of Good Food

By Tereza Hubkova, M.D.

Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed great food. One of earliest memories is as a three year old girl walking down a Bulgarian street with my parents, eating crispy-fried crabs out of a newspaper funnel. Though crispy-fried crabs may or may not sound like great food to you, at the time it was the best I had had. Sometime around age four another fond memory took hold within my brain; being at Hotel Hubertus in the Krkonose Mountains of the Czech Republic during a family vacation eating fried cheese accompanied by tartar sauce. I distinctly remember how much I enjoyed pouring the sauce from the little porcelain saucer, and how I was so impressed by the waiters tending to us. “Oh yes, Hotel Hubertus; I highly recommend their fried cheese!” For years to come I would be affectionately quoted speaking these words at every family get-together—always earning a good laugh from everyone. Yes, everyone knew little Tereza liked good food.

When I was about ten, my mom started joking with me that one day I would most certainly bankrupt my future husband: not by spending too much on jewelry or clothes, but on trying to satisfy my taste buds.

I happen to be just so lucky that Christopher (the man I will spend the rest of my life with) loves to cook and bake. Around age ten he had his own Easy Bake oven and was content whisking together delicious ingredients to surprise his family with—a muffin or a small cake. I had never met a man with so many kitchen gadgets and cookbooks before. And I must say, I like it!

We both take great joy in preparing meals and sharing them together—or even better, sharing them with family and friends. We also enjoy living a healthy lifestyle; and knowing that the meals we prepare are as healthy and nutritious as delicious. For us, even breakfast is worthy of being a gourmet meal. We take great pride in using organic, whole foods for our ingredients, and in avoiding anything overly processed or artificial.

As a physician, I know the enormous value of good nutrition for our health. Healthy meals truly are the foundation of our health (or the foundation of our diseases, for those who choose to eat unhealthily). Christopher and I do not eat SAD (the standard American diet). We eat happy and radiate happy.

During my medical career as well as my personal interest in wellness and longevity, I learned that certain ways of eating can literally extend our lifespan. Together, Christopher and I decided to share that knowledge with you, including some of our favorite longevity-promoting recipes. Enjoy them with your friends and loved ones, accompanied with a good bottle of wine and a large dose of laughter, sharing joy and love is part of the recipe for longevity.

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