Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Seven Reasons To Bring More Sound and Music Into Your Life

By Tereza Hubkova, M.D.

Do you love to sing along to your favorite song? Do you feel instantly calmer when a soothing tune plays in the background? Shopping malls and fitness gyms know well what music opens your wallet and what music motivates you to push harder through your work out. Sound and music have profound effects on our health, and could help us live a longer, happier life.

Here are seven fun facts about sound and music everyone should know.

Helps Fight a Cold
Singing increases your body's ability to fend off the common colds by increasing salivary immune globulin A. In one study, singing Beethoven's Missa Solemnis pumped up levels of IgA by an incredible 240%.

Better Than Aspirin?
Music can help us sooth pain by reducing production of substance P as well as by diminishing anxiety. Surgical patients require less painkillers and less benzodiazepines when listening to music.

Good for Your Heart
Music can lower blood pressure by releasing nitric oxide and relaxing blood vessel walls.

Chanting releases melatonin, a powerful brain antioxidant, possibly helping us to fight dementia, depression, and even cancer.

Beats Certain Illnesses
Drumming boosts our natural killer cellsthe very cells needed to kill viruses and cancer cells. Some insurance carriers reimburse for drumming circles for their cancer patientsas well as patients with HIVbut drumming benefits everyone.

Aids Memory
Music activates the flow of stored memories and connects left- and right-brain hemispheres. Patients with Alzheimer's dementia sometimes start remembering and recognizing family members when listening to music from their youth. Watch a documentary movie entitled Alive Inside to be amazed by the power of music on memory.

Taps into Potential
Music can help us learn, focus, and boot-up our brain. It improves cognition as well as heightens creativity. Let sound and music tap into the hidden potential of your brain.

Bring music, singing, clapping, humming, drumming, or playing any musical instrument into your daily life. Reconnect with your inner self, re-experience bliss and transformation.

As great as music is, give plenty of space to silence as well.


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